Year 3 experienced a chocolatey treat this week with their Mayan Chocolate Workshop. The workshop brought to life the importance of the cacao bean to the Mayan people, with the children learning how cacao beans were used as currency, as well as it being a medicated bitter hot drink, brought to the Mayans by the Gods! 

In Mayan style, the children created their own drinking cups, decorating them with Mayan symbols and Mayan shapes. 

The children were then given cacao beans, and once peeled, used a pestle and mortar to crush the bean to make their very own Mayan hot chocolate, with some even adding chilli for extra spice! They then compared the bitter Mayan hot chocolate with the hot chocolate they would have today. The verdict was out as to which was better, though the majority preferred the sweeter modern day hot chocolate! 

The session was thoroughly enjoyed, with Year 3 continuing to build their knowledge about Mayans – and chocolate!

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