This term Year 2 have been learning all about World War II and what a child may have experienced during the war. As part of our World War II theme day last week, we thoroughly enjoyed dressing up and taking part in many different activities to experience what life would have been like. We had fantastic outfits to represent the lives of many during those times such as evacuees, pilots, and soldiers.

The theme of World War II was explored further through a range of different activities throughout the day. Firstly, the children created their very own Propaganda Posters to encapsulate the style and phrasing of posters during the war, for example, persuading people to grow their own vegetables, to ration carefully or even to join the army! 

The children also had the opportunity to think about the impact of rationing on the lives of many by taking part in some wartime cooking. The children baked an ‘Eggless Sponge’, a traditional recipe during the war. The impact the war had on many lives was further explored through poetry; the children were encouraged to write their own acrostic poems about rationing and evacuation and consider how this shaped the lives of many.

Pupils were encouraged to think in more depth about the reasons behind wearing a ‘Poppy’ and what it symbolises whilst creating their very own using tissue paper. The children enthusiastically listened to wartime music and had a go at traditional dances of the era.

All this learning will be complimented by our upcoming trip to the museum, where the children will be able to take part in other themed activities and find out even more about the lives of those during World War II. 

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