This week the nursery children have enjoyed going on an Autumn walk around the school. First, we talked about the route that we would take: around the nursery, through the playground, into the forest school area and back to the nursery. Whilst on our walk, we discussed what we could see in the environment, the changes we could see and all the lovely colours we found in the leaves. We were also able to name the season: Autumn.

We looked high and low, looking at “massive” trees and “enormous” leaves, some as big as the children’s heads! We found leaves that ‘were the same as each other’ so we could compare sizes.

On their walk the children collected leaves from the field and brought them back to nursery where they glossed them so that they dried out and we put them on our Autumn display board. Some of the children also enjoyed painting hedgehogs to add to the display.

BCPS N Autumn Montage