As usual we have celebrated Remembrance Day in school and we continue to spread the important message about why we remember and how we display our respect and gratitude.

During the week the older year groups have been selling poppies in our schools to enable all the children to show their thanks by wearing them. It has been wonderful to see our children wearing the poppies with pride and able to confidently speak about the service and sacrifice that different people made during both World Wars and subsequent wars around the world.

The children have been learning about the different roles that people fulfilled during the wars. The children have spent time in assemblies this week learning about what it means to make a sacrifice and the different sacrifices they have made. The children have discussed how the sacrifices may have differed depending on the roles and duties people performed.

The week of remembrance was finished with a whole school assembly where the children came together to reflect on who and why we remember and how we can show our gratitude and respect to them. During this assembly the Last Post was performed by children, this was a particularly special moment and all the children performed it extremely well and with pride.

BCPS Poppy 01BCPS Poppy 02