At Cornerstone the opportunities for writing are immense, the children write for many purposes in a range of real life contexts, taught in an engaging way.  

The process in which writing is taught throughout the year groups eases transition back into school from virtual learning from the past two years. The use of Microsoft Teams has made a huge contribution to how the children do their writing and how it is planned, drafted and edited. This approach to writing not only focuses on high quality outcomes ensuring that children complete a portfolio piece each week but allows for more support for SEN children and struggling writers.

It is vital that children write for a range of purposes; cross curricular writing ensures that children are writing for different reasons and they understand the importance of purposeful writing. At the Trust children are taught to acknowledge the audience when writing as each purpose will be different. Not only do children write in word documents and in books but using a wide range of digital programmes such as blogs, autocues for the studio and Microsoft Sway.

Project Based Learning allows children across the Trust to write in real life contexts. A fantastic example of this is in Year 6 where the children take part in The Global Enterprise Challenge; in this project children write for a wide range of purposeful reasons that link directly to real life contexts. For example, writing letters of application for a job role in their company, creating biographies on themselves once they are in that company and constructing a script for a radio and television advert.

BCPS Writing 01