We have been so excited to welcome back the parents of Broadclyst this year for our annual harvest festival. The children in year 3 and 4 have been working very hard to make this harvest festival as special and spectacular as previous years. There were excitement and nerves in the air of Broadclyst as they were asked to do an extra performance to allow the chance for all parents to attend at least one of the shows.  

This year’s harvest festival was all based around ‘The Great Broadclyst Bake Off’ where a group of budding contestants went on a quest to discover how bread ends up on our table in the infamous ‘seed to loaf challenge.’ On this mission the contestants went to visit all of the people that make this process possible. From farmers to millers to bakers. All while impressing the star-studded judging panel of Broadclyst.  

All of the children worked so hard to put on such an amazing and memorable performance. All of parent and teacher feedback has been amazing with the fan favourite song of ‘In My Trolley’ coming top of the charts! A big thank you to all the parents that helped with lines, songs, and dances at home. A massive well done to all the children across all of the school. 

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